Free trial to selected suppliers.



Our brides have requested information on YOUR product or service.  Yes we all know that we can obtain marketing lists from various sources. These are generally random lists targeting a particular age or gender etc!

Treat our information as a personal request from a bride or groom for YOUR type of service or product.  Yes, they are looking for what you sell!  In the area of the UK that you are based.

The Wedding market it worth over £4 Billion per year and the average wedding costs in excess of £15,000. If you offer wedding services and are genuine and professional in your approach and you wish to increase your share of this lucrative market read on…

FIRSTLY WE OFFER AN ONGOING FREE BASIC ENTRY. Simply forward your details and we will list you.

Better than that …WE ARE PRESENTLY OFFERING A FREE TRIAL to receive our marketing lists for A LIMITED PERIOD four – six weeks.  There is absolutely no obligation to continue after the trial but this gives you an idea of how easy it can be to use. For the period of the trial we offer a standard basic listing and our bespoke marketing lists of genuine enquirers looking for YOUR product or service.

After the trial we hope to tempt you to the following;

1) A detailed entry on our Suppliers or Venues Pages.
These pages are available to all brides and grooms IMMEDIATELY after registration and the entry will include a DIRECT link to your website and DIRECT email facility to ‘your’ sales team.

Your company details together with a photograph, text and contact details.   (Ongoing changes/updates can be made for a small additional administration fee.)  Many websites offer more detailed information and multiple photographs we offer a ‘taste’ of your venue or service.  We do not offer a comparison service and believe that only your own websites can properly show your product. We want to encourage brides to your own sites where they can capture the full services that you provide.

2) A unique ‘Marketing List Service’.

We offer a marketing list UNIQUE to the service that you offer and in the AREA of the UK that you are based.  This is not a random list but specific to your product or service.  The list provides contact details of the enquirer, location of the wedding (if not local to the contact address) and a date of the wedding if already fixed.  We believe that this information is invaluable.

Under data protection rules the list is strictly ONLY for use by your company and is forwarded every two weeks directly to your marketing team.  Don’t forget for urgent enquiries they can use the direct links available after registration.

We have been travelling!  We are aware of the huge amount of weddings that are held abroad and have introduced..

  • Our dedicated pages on Weddings Abroad‘.  We are expanding this area and many couples also plan celebrations upon their return to the UK.
  • Unusual Suppliers‘  this page is by invitation only to maintain interest and there is no fee for entry in these pages.

For our existing suppliers we offer additional opportunities such as front page advertising area’ as ‘featured supplier’ or ‘venue.’  A ‘specials offer’ page and a ‘late deal’ page.

Weddings Fair diary.  We are shortly inviting free entry to the diary for any subscribed venue.

If you want to proceed immediately we will ADD the free period to your years subscription.

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